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An icon (from Greek eikðn "image") is a religious work of art, most commonly found in Eastern Orthodox churches, and some Eastern Catholic churches. Icon images, portraits, and scenes are painted, or written, from historical templates some of which date back to the 5th century. Icons of the Theotokos (Virgin Mother and Child), Christ's Crucifixion, Saints, and angels are rendered in a way to encourage contemplation, and the poses and gazes are intentionally other-worldly to show their link to the divine.

Beth studied egg tempera painting during her university days, and iconography with traditional iconographers from Belarus, Minsk. She incorporates several modern techniques as well as the historical paint preparation, application of gold, and layers and layers of egg tempera made with pigments from Italy and egg yolks from her own chickens.

"St. Francis of Assisi", egg tempera and gold gilding, 8.5 x 10.5"

"St. Agnes", 7 x 5", egg tempera

"St. Rose of Lima", 10.5 x 8.5", gilding and egg tempera on panel (SOLD)

"Byzantine Theotokos", 10.5 x8.5", gilding and egg tempera on panel

"Saint Nicholas", 10.5 x8.5", gilding and egg tempera on panel

"The Virgin of Compassion and The Christ Child", 10 x10", gilding and egg tempera on panel
This icon emphasizes the humanness of the Christ Child, as he reached forward to touch his head to his mother's cheek. The Virgin lovingly embraces her son, while her mournful gaze invites the viewer to contemplate his future sacrifice and death.