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New works. Others will be posting soon.

Canvas prints of some paintings are available. Please inquire.

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"Puffin Parade", 8x18", Oil


"Come Fly with Me", 6" Diameter", Oil


"Beach Walking", 20x24", Oil


"Passage" (Acadia), 26x28", Oil on panel

"Moose on the Loose", 8x10", Oil


"Crimson Marsh", 6x12", Oil


"Moody Blue Shore", 21x26", Oil


"Stepping Away, 10x12", Oil


"Where Sea and Sky Meet", 18x18", Oil


"Deep Blue Wave Action", 14x18", Oil on linen


"Pemaquid Loop Sunset", 12x24", Oil on panel


"Shoreline Surf at Dusk", 12x12", Oil on panel


"Rock Ledges at Pemaquid Point", 24x30", Oil


"Walking the Rocks", 12x24", Oil


"Peter Puffin", 5x7" , Oil


"Can You Hear Me?", 8x10", Oil


"Are You Ready To Go?", 11x14" , Oil


"Wave Horizon", 34x24", Oil


"Clouds Over Pines", 20x16", Oil


"Right by Your Side", 10x10", Oil


"Talk to Me, Please", 10x10" , Oil


"The Day Beckons", 12x24" (16 x 28" framed), Oil


"Heaven and Earth", 36x24", Oil


"Heaven and Sea", 30x24", Oil

"Monhegan Sunrise", 16x20", Oil


"Chincoteague Pony Grazing", 24x18", Oil


"Soft Monhegan Sunrise", 11x14", Oil on board


"The Lord is My Shepherd", 5x7", Oil on panel


"Flying Over", 24x31", Oil on panel


"Going For It", 21x18", Oil


"Thinking Horse", 22.5x22", Oil


"MaineSunrise, Clammers Cove", 16x20", Oil on linen


"Star Island Rocks, Sea Clouds", 9x12", Oil


"Monhegan from Lighthouse", 8x10", Oil


"Sun Dressing", 24x34", Oil on Canvas


"The Bond", 14x14", Oil on Aluminum


"Lift Me Up", 14x13", Charcoal on Paper


"Dressage Duet", 8.5x8.5", Oil on Paper


"Getting Ready", 12x12", Oil on Panel


"Come with Me", 12x12", Oil on Board

"Autumn Sky", Wolfe Neck Farm, Maine, 12x16", Oil on Linen


"Sunset Sky", Little River Inlet, Maine, Oil on Aluminum


"Glory Morning", 12x24", Oil w/Gold Guilding


"The Farm from Memory", 9x12", Oil


"Moonlit Walk", 12x12", Oil


"From the Hedge", 9x12", Oil


"Black Beauty", 20x20", Oil on Linen


"Arabian Aura", 20x16" Oil, AAEA Fall Open Juried Entry


"Quiet Strength", 20x16" Oil


"Looking Back", 16x16" Oil