About the Artist

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Even as a child, Beth realized she was born to be an artist. So, she painted and drew throughout her high school and college years.

She put herself through college working full time and graduated with a double major Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in painting and Communications.

She began her professional art career completing detailed soft renderings of residential and commercial properties for real estate companies to market their listings and to present to buyers upon closing.

“Drawing and draftsmanship is the foundation of all my work. The drawing is the armature upon which value, color, shapes and perspective are hung. Major shapes and negative space are the geography in which the other elements live.”

Artist Statement

A representational painter, the current focus of my work is dichotomy. Subjects, colors, shapes, and feelings that are dichotomous. Strong and subtle. Primary and secondary. Flowing and solid. Weighty and floating. I depict recognizable images that incorporate dichotomy and stir emotion. Inspired by my deep feelings for animals, people, flora and the sea, I strive to convey the motion, shape and love for the subject with both bold and soft, distinct and loosely applied brushstrokes.

Grateful and humbled by the language of paint, I speak my heart and hope it touches others